About Us

Internet Marketing Strategies 

Studio Xpress is a digital marketing agency with representatives in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Juiz de Fora, MG.

We offer web development/website design services and digital marketing services for clients in Brazil and abroad. Our experience in the US market started in 2001, with web design services using the best technology available at the time.  Since then, we have always strived to offer our clients the best practices in web development and marketing on the Internet. Our services expanded to SEO and SEM, to help our clients compete on Google search results through organic and paid results. We are Certified Google Adwords Professionals. Nowadays, we deliver a complete set of solutions to help clients gain and keep clients through the Internet.

Digital Marketing Services

Have a project? We can help!

We are a full service digital agency, and work either on a retainer fee or project per project basis, depending on your needs.

We can work with business around the world.  If you have a challenge and wish to talk to us about your online marketing needs, please send us a message through our contact page.